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Apply custom animations to steps. Handles the attribute data-jmpress (the attribute name depends on a config option). Take a look at this animation example for more information.


Apply a custom animation.

The following strings are supported:

(name) is a animation name. It is the basis for the classes that will be added the the element:

class namedescription
will-(name)Class ever set.
do-(name)Class is only set while the animation is running.
has-(name)Class is only set after the animation was ran.

(time) is **m, **s or **ms (minutes, seconds, milli seconds) in example: 300ms or 1.4s.

(selector) is a jQuery Selector after which the substep follows.

If you set a (time) the substep automatically advance. If you do not set a (time) substep advance after the "next" key is pressed.

prev means the previous substep in DOM. step means the slide.

If you have cool animations created, you can contribute them to jmpress.js/src/css/animations/.

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