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Edit & Build


Longer Build Explanation

All the source files are located in the src/ folder. They are broken up into components and plugins to allow users to build their own customized version of jmpress.js.


We use the command line build tool: grunt. It requires Node.js. If you already have Node.js installed, navigate to your copy of jmpress.js and run the command: npm install to install any development dependencies. It is recommended to install the grunt command globally with npm install grunt-cli -g.

Then navigate to your copy of jmpress.js and run the command: grunt (windows: grunt.cmd) to build. You can also use the command grunt watch to continuously build jmpress.js as you edit.

The output files will be located in the dist/ folder. Please do not edit any file in this folders as they are automatically generated. You can delete them and they will be regenerated.


jmpress.js uses QUnit for testing. Please run /tests/ in your browser to run the tests or the command: grunt qunit.

Currently the tests need a lot of catching up. Any help you can provide will be very much appreciated.

Pull Requests

Good news! We accept pull requests!


If you find an error or something missing please edit and submit a pull request. There is an Edit This Page button on the bottom of each page or fork then clone the docs with git. Thank you for contributing!

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