jmpress.js documentation


This component handles navigation with the keyboard. It also offers a binding mechanism for other components, plugins and the user.


    keyboard: {
        keys: {
            189: ['select', '#overview']

In this example we are binding the '-' key (key code 189) to select a step we have named 'overview'.

property keyboard.keys : {33: "prev", 32: "next", ...}

Bind a key to a jmpress command. Set it to null to remove an existing key binding.

Set it to a string to get the jmpress command invoked.

Set it to a string containing ":" (ex. "next:prev") to get the first command on default and the second on modified with the shift key.

Set it to a array to apply the array as arguments a jmpress command (ex. ["select", "#some-cool-step"]).

property keyboard.ignore[TAGNAME] : [32, 37, ...] as TAGNAME = "INPUT"

Ignore some keys on a specific tag name.

property keyboard.use : true

Whether the keyboard should be used to navigate in jmpress.

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