jmpress.js documentation

Getting started

The only required files are jQuery and jmpress.js to use.

For a quick and simple example look at the examples/simple/index.html and examples/simple/simple.css.

It's good to look at all examples to get a overview what's possible before starting a complex solution. If you are not sure, you may ask.

Migrating from impress.js

Currently jmpress.js includes all of the impress.js features and a lot more.

To migrate simply add jQuery, change impress.js to jmpress.js and call $(selector).jmpress(); to initialize. Take a look at the impress.js running on jmpress.js example.

If you use the impress.js api and you want to migrate:

event impress:stepenterevent enterStep
event impress:stepleaveevent leaveStep
event impress:initcallback $(x).afterInit(...)
api impress().init()api $(x).jmpress()
api impress().goto()api $(x).jmpress("goTo", ...)
attribute data-width, data-heightattribute data-view-port-width, ...-height
attribute data-max-scale, data-min-scalesetting data-view-port-max-scale, ...-min-scale
class impress-on-ID on bodyclass step-ID on container

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